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slymeboyzcult – duet tekst piosenki


(verse 1: wastemane)

still spinnin’ silk
still kickin’ it
still cuttin’ down on spitting just a little bit
gettin into the sh-t
it’s hard to get out
i still have a little stress i think i need to let out

but my cult still hittin’
still a couple p-ss-es
i’m still here to kick the kitten
still need that pack, so imma get it in a minute
i still have a couple things i wish i hadn’t written

still a couple bands i need to get back
still i’m with n-ble
then i blast on a jet pack
ready set jet
rep the set
then i let it blast
thought yo sh-t was hard a f-cking nails
until you read it back

what words could you form
just to make a couple kids to think you fittin’ in the norm
but you ain’t
think you roll in pounds of the stank
still he got the boof
spit the truth point blank

woah, woah
p-ss it to the back
i don’t wanna hit the blunt
cause the pack
ain’t fueg
laughing all the way to the bank
but the teller gonna tell her she ain’t gettin any franks

ben gon’ be the one to say he pickin’ up a zip to flip it
in a little bit there only gonna be a little bit to split up
get up
this sh-t was all a set up
logo lo five, sh-t was hard to let up

fed up, imma bout to lose it in a second
we the first to do it , man i hope you ain’t the second
buyers take the l, it gon’ be the only letter
if you try do it like this, then you better do it better

do it, do it, back into it
she wanna get the nut, put your back into it

(verse 2: skeep)

do it, do it, back into it
i don’t write verses, i write movies
sloth like movement, puff that doobie
up on the moon with a few fine goonies

feel like kubrick, skeep too lucid
keep cams rolling, sh-t, imma use it
better not lose it, shot was too lit
shower rose petals on a pretty b-tch tulip

or maybe in the woods with a wood torch
looking for a corpse
need clickbait clout now
you a sh-t stained outhouse, i’m a platinum bidet
motherf-cker you should bow down

young tongue, b-tches use my chin as a b-tt plug
she showed up with a plus one
and i ain’t even bust once
something like a dahli clock how my nuts hung

i’m a godd-mn sinner
puff big l’s but i feel like a winner
sleeping bag, get up in her
eating all night, sh-t i missed dinner

i need protein, she took all mine
sh-t took all night, i feel alright
i got calm mind i got my nut
she say “round 6?”
f-ck it, why not

i need me an erykah badu
i need me a penthouse with view
i need me a big gold chain
maybe i just need to chill out for a few

never make a promise that i can’t keep
need a favor? stay away from your man skeep
halloween mask on, coming for the candy
tryna be sbc but you can’t be

# slymeboyzcult

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