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slump t – 3 times tekst piosenki


verse 1:
fozzies back man hit u with the rewind
do it again but i’ve done it three times
straight shot to the top i’m aboutta beeline
stealing egos i should prolly be fined
stealing egos getting pinched for theft
and i’m always right because i never left
fozzie coming at u now ur life’s a mess
hoppin on the track u already know the rest
take me one on one i beat u 10-2
on the road to riches no accident i meant to
spinning out on black ice karate with the black ties keep my money stacked high avoiding all u whack guys scary just like cat eyes paid when my stats rise slugger so i bat twice track is sounding that nice
got u saying holy sh-t i guess this cr-p is baptized
i’m on the track i’m flexin cuz ur never living that life

been on my sh-t for a long time
but sh-t i’m still young
i be on the block, sendin shots, and i’m hot like the sun
and its shootin, no gun
mix the c-ke with the rum
it’s a good -ss day
i’ve been eating good steak off my plate
and your b-tch she just tryna get play
i’m just tryna make, make that money
countin up paper
your b-tch in a whip, told her i’ll see ya later

verse 2:
never living that life but u know i’m living lavish
cuz ur raps are only average
i’m a k!ller like a savage crazy like a maverick
worship like it’s sabbath
rapping it’s a habit eminem but not the rabbit
burning up like acid
mic i never p-ss it
turn u into ashes did u listen to our last sh-t cuz that tracks an instant cl-ssic
got me puffing green like cabbage
every time i’m on the beat it’s chaos reeking havoc

# slump t

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