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joey galaxy – wintro tekst piosenki

the proverbs of solomon
the son of david, king of israel
to know wisdom and destruction
to perceive the words of understanding
to receive the instruction of wisdom
justice and judgment and equity
to give subtlety into the simple to the young man knowledge of discretion
a wise man would hear a will to increase learning
and a man of understanding shall attain onto wise council
to understand the proverb and the interpretation of the words of the wise
you better start saying this
i feel the lord is the beginning of knowledge
but fools despise wisdom in instruction
my son hear the instruction of thy father
and forsake not the law of thy mother

the wait is over

i done been to h-ll and back and wrestled demons, n-gg-
seen the other side of life, they wouldn’t see me n-gg-
i paint b-tches like pic-sso so yall can see it
words from a young king, you gotta believe it
i wear my crown on my head and try to take the throne
i hope you n-gg-s don’t think that i left my choppa home
it’s on the bright sea, right beside the jordan grapes
take double handed clip for you f-ckin clips
f-ck with that boy, young castles and batman
smoking killers on my team like hernandez
still f-ckin with them bricks, i know sanchez
what did i say? after summer you boys are down feds
been to prison, was born, i ain’t going viral
my n-gg- v called me, tryna give your boy a try
my n-gg- rick called me, tryna give your boy a try
we was all locked up together for moving that sight
and free my n-gg- sol money, you ain’t alone n-gg-
i pray every night that them crackers send you home n-gg-
one thing i can’t stand is a f-ckin snitch
and pops gone so i’m back on my feet in the mansion
they said ca$h, you’ve been gone, man what happened?
i had twins n-gg-, i’m just being a daddy
and i don’t know much all but i take every minds
when it comes to respectin my kids, i’mma die for mine
win squad, moe
man wuddup? obg
she smiling, cool, people take it easy
christian block, mr. tunes
i cop a 28‘er mansion, max sippin the little hen
pour up a dew for that lean and let my day begin
cod, i don’t even f-ck my next of kin
i get my work from manny, he’s a mexican
f-ck you with them s’s, that’s yo boy rick
pockets on swole, n-gg- better cuff yo b-tch
i flow in my heart, ball like mario andretti
and me and g to catch a murder if you play with my fetti

aye ca$h wutchu got to say about these hoes and n-gg-s talkin down and hatin?
man, it’s levels to this sh-t

# joey galaxy

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