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candlegoat – loss tekst piosenki

when you awaken in the dawn
i’m that swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight

i’m the soft star that shines at night
i’m dead in grieve with all the tears
but in your heart i lived behind
don’t burdened with times of sorrow
don’t lengthen in with undue grief
don’t stand at my grave, don’t stand and cry
sad and lonely days have p-ssed
through the purple shadow that darkly trail
i was alone in my distress and desolation
i am here and i am cold
i am loss and i’m sleepless
i’m the song of the blackbird
i’m a thousand winds that blow
i am dust and i am free
i’m the longing journey
now i am forever gone
with shadow that fade away
in life we never know how weak we are

# candlegoat

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